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With the many smart home products available, it may become difficult to navigate which ones will best serve your home. Even more difficult is understanding what all of the terms associated with home automation mean. To ease the process and further your smart home knowledge, a list of terms frequently used in home automation have been included below.  

  1. Wi-Fi: a facility allowing devices, including smartphones and computers, to connect to the internet and communicate with one another wirelessly.
  2. Connected: having full access to Wi-Fi, which allows you to control the products in your home.
  3. Remote Access: Having the ability to activate and control devices regardless of location.
  4. App: A program operated on a smartphone or tablet that offers access to various smart home devices. Apps can be free or available for purchase, and are offered through various companies.
  5. Hub: Serves to connect devices to one another. In doing so, users can maximize home automation in their household by syncing devices together.
  6. Integration: Syncing your products together using hubs and other hardware.

Though these may not be all of the terms you’re likely to come across when researching home automation, the terms listed can help you better understand the foundation and principles of home automation.

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