Z-Wave Outlet is a San Diego, California based company founded in 2013 

Our story goes...

After being injured in military training, Blake Tanner's life and lifestyle changed tremendously.  His work days dropped from 14-19 hour work days to days that were now free of commitment and obligations. He needed to figure out a way to put his newfound time to good use. 

Before joining the military he was very fond of the tech industry, always looking for the the latest and greatest technology, which ultimately led Blake to the Connected Home Industry.

2013 was right around the time the demand for mass development of Smart Home technology began to take root. Once in the industry, and with the help of newly established relationships, several new ventures all focusing on the Connected Home Industry took off. One of the ventures being a Custom Installation company called Smart Home San Diego. What made Smart Home San Diego different from all of the other integration companies was its use of Z-Wave.

At the time, Z-Wave was still breaking out of its shell from previously being known for being fairly buggy. After perfecting the installation process and using the appropriate Z-Wave devices, Smart Home San Diego started to use Z-Wave in all of their installations. Day to day operations lead to real world applications and Z-Wave became second nature. The motto, "We sell what we install" was established and ZWaveOutlet.com was born.