With all the different wireless protocols out there why choose Z-Wave? 

Choosing the right home automation protocol from the start can make your Connected Home Project go smoothly and efficiently. Most Z-Wave automation hubs will also control X10, Insteon, WIFI, and Zigbee devices, but it is important to understand that these added devices will not contribute to your Z-Wave mesh network. 


The standard who started the home automation industry. X10 was developed in 1975 and uses power line and RF signals. X10 still lives today but many users are starting to see it's End-of-Life. Typical homes in the USA use 3-Wire electrical systems which causes excessive signal attenuation. This leads to commands getting lost, slow transmission speeds, and inability to encrypt data.  We see many users convert over to Z-Wave and they couldn't be happier. 


Uses power line and RF communications. Insteon creates a mesh network with power line and RF signals. Not a bad route to go if you have a ton of X10 devices that you just don't want to get rid of because of the compatibility. Lack of device manufactures and more problems with power line communications in bigger homes create some disadvantages. 


Is everywhere so it makes complete sense to expand your smart home on such a wide available wireless protocol. If you are only trying to control a few devices then you shouldn't have any problems. Where we see potential for big problems is interference and the size of your home. All your devices will start competing for bandwidth, turning a reliable network for your tablets, laptops, phone, and game consoles into a very unreliable network quickly. 


Is a viable alternative to Z-Wave with it's own mesh network and low power devices. Zigbee uses a completely wireless protocol similar to Z-Wave which makes it a true solution for retrofitting a home. Problems occur when we start talking about the lack of interoperability devices. 


Is a world recognized wireless protocol that carries all the right features for the Connected Home. Z-Wave creates a mesh network allowing for full home coverage and encrypted data transfer. Z-Wave also has the support of major companies such as Kwikset, GE, Honeywell, Linear that are producing 1200+ interoperable devices. Scaleability, Feature Packed, Reliability, and the amount of available devices makes Z-Wave the right choice to use in your Connected Home.