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Setting scenes in your home with Z-Wave smart home technology can be thought of as automatic to-do lists for the connected devices in your home. Lighting is often associated with setting scenes, as lighting can be used to indicate different times of the day. In a “Wake Up” scene, the lighting may be applied to gently illuminate the bedroom and bathroom, whereas a “Goodnight” scene may feature the shutdown of all the lights in the home. However, Z-Wave technology doesn’t limit scene-setting to lights alone.

With the help of Z-Wave standard one-touch living starter kit, appliance control is also possible to further elevate the scenes of your home. In addition to the lighting features of your “Wake Up” scene, you can arrange to turn on your coffee maker and adjust the thermostat with the touch of a button.

In using Z-Wave, customize your scenes to enhance your daily routines with the utmost comfort and ease. The scene-setting possibilities in your home are endless with Z-Wave.


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