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Motion sensors have been thought to play the role of your home’s eyes and ears, given their ability to detect movement in your home and respond appropriately. Extending beyond motion detection alone includes the ability of more advanced devices to sense temperature, humidity, light, ultraviolet, and vibrations. Most importantly, all of its features are completely customizable to enhance the comfort and safety within your household, in accordance to your wants and needs. For example, if ensuring adequate illumination during the evening hours is something that would serve your family well, consider programming Z-wave motion sensors to play the role of upgraded nightlights.

In addition to guaranteeing the absence of monsters under our beds, nightlights can help guide us to and from the restroom or kitchen during odd hours of the night. By placing Z-Wave motion sensors near or around your bed or in the hallway of your home, the device can activate dim lighting that will ease your sight if and when you need it between your chosen timeframe. As opposed to traditional nightlights, using Z-Wave motion sensors in conjunction with your home’s lighting saves precious resources in your home by only operating when you need it.

Enhancing your evening is only one of the many ways Z-Wave motion sensing technology benefits your home. The possibilities are endless and are fit to match perfectly with your lifestyle.


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May 03, 2022

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