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Integrating Smart Home Devices to Save Money

The cost of maintaining a viable and comfortable living space never seems to die down. With many elements factoring into the equation, from the cost of heat and electricity to water and internet, it isn’t hard to rack up large payments every month. Sure, there are sacrifices you could make to the lessen the sting of these high utility costs, like skipping the Starbucks line and eliminating Friday night take-out. However, before you deprive yourself of your much-needed caffeinated fix, consider taking to your own home to adjust the numbers on your bills.

Within your home, there are several opportunities to decrease costs by considering where you may be wasting resources. As presented by the Energy Resource Center (ERC), American homes collectively spend $130 billion every year to cover the cost of wasted energy. That is a substantial amount of both money and energy wasted! By incorporating energy efficient upgrades into your home for your many electrically sourced items, you can decrease your monthly bills and decrease your home’s impact on the environment.

In pertinence to energy, there are two ways you can reduce your overall consumption: maintaining proper insulation in your home and monitoring energy consumption via energy meter. Inspecting areas in your home for potential leaks and poor insulation can significantly lessen your energy consumption, as 30 percent of heating and air escapes for these reasons. Once you’ve ensured proper sealing and insulation in areas like attics, ceilings, floors, and crawl spaces, it is best to monitor your home’s energy consumption using a home energy meter. Aeotec’s Z-Wave Home Energy Meter, for example, works to monitor the total consumption of electricity used in your home. Using the data derived from the device, you can plan energy-smart purchases that will serve to benefit your efficiency and money.


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