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Hey guys we would like to start reposting some of our email questions so everyone can benefit from them. Hopefully we will start doing this weekly. Shoot us your questions. 


I would like to know the different of wifi and z-wave light switches. Right now I have a couple of Wemo Light Switches in my house, but sometime that go offline and I have reset them , So I would like to know which is better. Z-wave or WIfi ? I have an ADT Pluse Alarm system in my house. Thank you for all you help.


Wemo is great if you are just doing a light or two with very basic functionality. But when you start getting more lights wemo isn’t stable enough and will cause a lot of wifi issues. Z-Wave works in the 908 mhz range and works with ADT Pulse. With ADT pulse you can take control and add other z-wave devices to your system. Its an eco system of devices that talk to each other. 
Also Z-Wave creates a mesh network that works well in homes. It allows devices to communicate through other z-wave devices which extends the range. Light switches are a great device to make a solid Z-Wave Network backbone. 
We believe its best practice for smart homes to run z-wave switches to prevent issues with your wifi network. 

Bottom Line

Most customers that started out with Wemo wish they started with Z-Wave. If you look at the technology as a whole Z-Wave's Eco system no one can touch right now. Unless you just want to turn on and off one light from your phone the connected home is revolving around Z-Wave. 

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