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Email Question of the Week - 2GIG Z-Wave Network Optimization

This actually came from a Live Chat customer we helped out. 

Q: I'm having big problems trying to reach my schlage dead bolt lock with my 2GIG hub. I have this at my restaurant. I already have 3 extenders and the hub and schlage lock. There isn't any walls and it's clear shot between them, but still can't connect properly. 

A: Well on the 2 gig panel the best thing to do is make sure you run a network optimization. 9 out of 10 times this will cure any problems you are seeing. And this really sounds this could be the problem. 

Here is the proper instructions in order to do this:

To insure optimal performance and minimal response time from ZWave devices enrolled in 2gig panel, do the following:

  • Learn in all ZWave devices
  • Mount the panel in its permanent location
  • Go into the installer toolbox
  • Touch "advanced toolbox"
  • Touch "rediscover network"
  • Allow the panel time to complete the rediscovery process. Reliability and response time should both be considerably better

Go Control install portal

The "Rediscover Network" function causes the panel to measure the relative signal strength of all ZWave devices that are within its direct communication range. For devices that do not respond directly to the panel, the panel tells in-range devices to locate the out-of-range devices, by repeating the signal. The panel then creates a "routing table" in its memory, which contains the optimal and most efficient routes to each device in the building.

Bottom Line

When using the previous generation z-wave chips its been required to do a network heal. The term "Network heal" has a lot of different terms and every controller has their own terminology. In this instance 2gig uses Network Optimization, Vera uses Heal the Network, SmartThings uses Network repair. They all do the same thing. Basically when you add a device close to a hub for the initial pair it doesn't always learn the best route when you move it. In this case running a heal will make it work.

Times when you would run a network optimization:

1. You have just paired a new device to your Hub and your going to move it. (Some Newer Z-Wave Plus Hubs don't offer this feature because they do it automatically) 

2. You are have delayed actions and your Z-Wave network seems sluggish.

3. One Z-Wave device just doesn't seem to stay connected

Take a look here for more info on Z-Wave Mesh Networks

Real Life 

Being a Z-Wave Smart Home installer it was always a bummer to leave a house when nothing was working. We would pair everything up and nothing would work because we would need to run a network heal. Network heals typically take more then an hour and depends the size of your install. When we showed up the next day after the heal everything would work perfectly. So moral of the story if things seem like they just aren't work or broken run a heal. This is a particular job that took overnight to heal and when we left everyday nothing would work (Always left nervous) 


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