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Increasing your home's IQ has never been easier, as smart home technology has become increasingly prevalent in our society and has showcased several benefits in its relatively short lifespan. Aside from enabling convenience in the lives of you and your loved ones, home automation also serves to improve the day-to-day routines under your roof. Extending beyond the ease of adjusting the temperature of your home from the comfort of your bed, the use of smart locks, smart lighting, and improved accessibility allows for flexibility in scheduling and much more.

Smart locks: Coming and going no longer requires digging at the bottom of your bag or pocket for a set of keys to either access or secure an entryway. With smart locks and personalized entry codes, keys are now a worry of the past. With your smartphone, you are able to manage who enters and exits your home, even when you aren’t present. Forget to lock the door as you rushed out of the house? Simply lock the door using your smartphone.

Smart Lighting: Long gone are the days when rotating the blame around the house was the best explanation of the left-on lights. With smart lighting, managing the lighting in your home is a simple solution to excessive energy waste. Smart lighting offers the ability to set schedules, as well as countdown timers, for the lighting fixtures in your home so that turns off on its own after its allotted time frame is up. Putting lights on a schedule can also offer safety benefits; setting a timer for exterior lighting to turn on once the sun sets allows for increased visibility when coming home in the evening.

Improved Accessibility: With the addition of voice control features and motion detection in your home, the number of physical actions necessary decreases. This can be especially helpful for families with members who have decreased physical capabilities. Offer a new level of independence to those family members with devices that can adjust and convert your home without leaving the couch.

With these features combined, it is no wonder more people are converting to smart home technology to push their life in a more efficient and productive direction. With control stemming from your fingertips, you are free of restrictions as managing your devices and your home can be done from anywhere, at any time.

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