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Have you ever been unable to answer your front door because you were busy tending to other things around the home? Maybe the doorbell rings while you’re chopping onions in preparation for dinner. Instead of washing your hands to answer the door, imagine the ease in speaking with the person at your door from inside your home to see why they’re there, and activating smart locks to unlock the door for them if you so choose. This is an absolute possibility by upgrading your traditional entry way with the addition of a smart video doorbell for maximum safety and security.  

This alternative to other intercom systems brings connectivity to the door, with features including access control, two-way talk, and Wi-fi and bluetooth capabilities. By pairing the smart doorbell with other smart home devices, you can ease the process of welcoming or unwelcoming guests who may come to your door. For example, you can link the smart doorbell to your smart lock and grant access to your visit upon your approval after observing who they are, even if you aren’t close to the door. You can also trigger an event for any music or other noise being delivered electronically to soften when the doorbell rings. Some models even offer full color night vision, in addition to temperature and humidity sensors.  

With the addition of a smart video doorbell, managing the guests who come to your door has never been easier.

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