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5 Ways Tech Is Transforming Your Home

5 Ways Tech Is Transforming Your Home

When we mention smart home in terms of devices and benefits: The possibilities are endless. Ranging from preventing an expensive plumbing bill, turning your irrigation on and off at the appropriate times or using motion detecting advanced technologies for different functions around the house, Z-Wave hub is making this easy and affordable! Here is how you can use your Z-Wave smart home appliance module to impress your visitors the next time you are hosting them in your home:

The Ultimate Window Treatment

If given the option, why not give your home this fantastic home security protection it needs by controlling how you protect the interior of your home from sun damage, maintaining a moderated temperature, and simply customizing and remotely control when you want your window coverings open or closed. This allows homeowners to keep their home private whenever they choose, comfortably and quickly. Fibaro Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor, Gen5 is the leading window/door sensor to provide homeowners full control of nearly any open/close object around the house with your Z-Wave Network.

Say Goodbye to Overcooking Your Meals

Did you know you can utilize your Z-Wave smart home hub to control your kitchen appliances?

Yes, this means that your fried rice will not be overcooking under your watch. This is enormously helpful if you're using your slow-cooker for a savory and flavorful meat while at work and want to preset when you want it to be turned off all while not taking time from work to do any of it. Via your Linear GoControl Z-Wave Plug-in Appliance Module, you can turn on/off anything plugged into that Z-Wave network powered plug-in to make it work for you. After all, Z-Wave wants to respect your time and realizes how mobile working people are, and our ultimate goal is to accommodate your home automated needs!

Genius Sprinkler System

Z-Wave has outsmarted all types of weather conditions, giving homeowners the option to perfect and maintain their landscape surrounding their home. Prepare yourself by checking the forecast and remotely adjusting your watering schedule so your flowers can bloom and pastures stay green. The HomeSeer HomeTroller-SEL Pro Home Automation Controller can control your irrigation to enhance the nature and help it flourish sustainably.  

Keep A Smart Eye On Your Home

Home automation through the Z-Wave Network gives people the ability to set boundaries, so they can keep track of what or who is entering in specific off-limits areas of their home. Keep track of when the kids are entering your office, when you specifically said not to. Parents can be diligent and hold their children accountable for not following their orders. Who knew Z-Wave is transforming parenting skills too?

Z-Wave Tech Keeps You Healthy

One of the great things about Z-Wave is its ability to integrate the best home automation controllers to set up alarms and playlists that will wake you up the right way. We all know how rough it can be to get up to a basic alarm tune, but if you enhance the first listening moments of the morning, you are more likely to wake up in a good mood and ready to take on your day! An enormous part of improving our health is closely related to sleeping better. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, keeping a comfortable temperature in the bedroom is essential for a good night sleep. Stay away from extreme temperatures that can affect your sleep negatively with some great Z-Wave Thermostats available today!


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Jul 17, 2022

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