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Z-Wave and Google Home Frequently Asked Questions

When going from a traditional home to the internet of things per say, the list of factors to consider are endless. We must keep in mind the frequency and wireless language that is what will withstand the many different functions of your home so they communicate in synergy.  Z-Wave has set itself apart from many other smart home giants to truly unique  in its ability to control basically everything around the house! When it comes to the technicalities, being educated on Z-Wave and Google Home can help you make the smartest consumer choice for your smart home.

How does Google Home work?

Google home works similar to other smart home hubs by using voice command to answer any questions through the power of Google search. Set alarms, timers, jam to your favorite tunes on Google Play or Spotify, fetch news and basically anything that you would expect Google to do for you. Google Home works with many Z-Wave integrated devices so you can match up whichever Z-Wave products you already have to this great product.

What are some of the products that Google Home works with?

From controlling your Samsung Smart Things products to do things like turning off your rice cooker or coffee brewer, adjusting your compatible Nest Thermostat to turning off and on your Philips Hue lighting.

How convenient is Chromecast audio and Google Assistant?

This can work well with specific speakers you pair with your musical outlet of choice whether that be Google Music or tuning into your favorite Pandora channel. Google assistant works similar to Siri on iPhone, simply ask, “Hey Google, turn on the hallway lights,” and Google Home will respond, “You got it, turning on hallway lights.” The lights will glow up before you know it.

How does Z-Wave work?

Z-Wave is a wireless technology smart hub that communicates with light switches, thermostats, door locks and motion detectors that allow you to monitor all these different functions of your smart homes. Z-Wave supports big smart and high-tech brands such as HomeSeer, Fibaro, Nexia, Smart Things among many other high-quality products currently out on the market.

Is it easy to install Z-Wave?

For the everyday homeowner, Z-Wave integrated products are easy to install and there are plenty of great resources online to guide you through the process. However, for the much more advanced parts, it’s always good to have a professional electrician take a look!

What is the range for Z-Wave look like?

Z-Wave creates an interconnected network that works across long distances all the way up to 50-300 feet, depending on the building's materials. Z-Wave is also good with the device-to-device hop up to 4 times, being approximately 200 feet.

How many functioning Z-Wave devices can you have?

For each Z-Wave network, you are able to link 233 devices. That is a good amount of products, basically taking care of all your smart home with one genius Z-Wave network. Keep in mind this is for Z-Wave devices, however, there is more advanced adjustment you can make to make the list of compatible products even longer!

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