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What’s the Top 3 Best Z-Wave Controller Interface & Software?

What’s the Top 3 Best Z-Wave Controller Interface & Software?

For the past few years, home automation awareness has reached an all-time high, driven by innovators in the business technology space and those who first envisioned a revolutionary smart home. One of the main drivers that have led this industry to boom as exponentially as it has, is the consumers and not just luxury home owners. Homeowners of all income levels now want to integrate this smart hub to take advantage of the benefits and convenience that it brings to their lifestyle, not to talk about the options being limitless. Z-Wave comes quite handy when it comes to controlling the different elements that make up a smart home such as energy usage and home security. We handpicked a few of our favorite Z-Wave connected controllers and software to consider when transforming your home:

VeraPlus Home Automation Controller


This controller allows to connect an endless amount of devices and supports various communications protocols thanks to its fast 800MHZ processor and 256 of RAM. The fantastic thing about it is that it works with Zigbee and Bluetooth integration taking it to a whole other level of connectivity. It is packed with a speedy GUI interface that allows for more plugins and devices, making it quite the efficient option to control your smart home devices!

HomeSeer HomeTroller S6 Home Automation Controller

The S6 features a web-based CSS embedded version of Windows 7 Pro, making it user-friendly for those who are used to customizing their computer to best fit their needs. The HomeTroller Series 6 controller provides homeowners with a simple yet reliable Z-Wave control. The control works with several home automated giants such as Honeywell, Fibaro, Aeon Labs, GR, Linear, Schlage, and much more by simply using a Z-Wave interface for the controller. Homeowners are guaranteed features including text-to-speech, voice recognition/voice control, and an API software that is personalized with the ability to add plugins to make it your own!

Zipato ZipaTile Z-Wave + Zigbee Home Automation Controller

An all-in-one home controller accessed through the ZipaTile, a wall-mount Android-powered touchscreen tablet that is fully equipped with communication radios and sensors for detecting motion, shock, temperature, humidity, sound and light. It can also be used interchangeably with Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so there are several ways of using it to your advantage depending on your preference. Additionally, the Zipato Zipatile Z-Wave + Zigbee Controller displays video through the integrated IP camera, speaker, and microphone that is connected to the controller. Just download the app from your choice of Apple or Android device and take the control from there!



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