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Smart Lighting Control with Kodi

Using Smart Lighting control like Z-wave switches with Kodi brings a whole new theater viewing experience in your own home. Trigger, Start, Pause and play lighting commands automatically from Kodi.

Our buddies over at ARNU just released a new Kodi Plugin for smart lighting. If you don't know or have heard of Kodi it's a software for you media collection; movies, music, apps, tv shows and more. Arnu Box is our Kodi media player of choice because they really focus in on home automation and AV. Using Arnu's Smart Lighting Control plugin for Kodi brings a whole new experience. Trigger, Start, Pause and play lighting commands automatically from Kodi.

A couple years ago we hacked together a plugin that allowed us to program the lights to dim when a movie was about to start, turn off once movie started and brighten when you press pause or stop. We were using a Vera Z-Wave Hub for all of the lighting control. Kodi basically was sending commands to the vera to trigger different lighting scenes. We never released it because it was a fair amount of work to get up and running.

Today Arnu released a plug in for lighting control using the Philips HUE Z-wave light bulbs. With Arnu's Cloudword feature it's extremely easy to install. Whats great is you can use and form of remote with your Kodi Arnu Box (Rii remote, iPad app, arnu remote, harmony) because it's trigger by the movie state (start, pause, play, stop) Check out the video below. 


The a separate app will be available soon for vera control. So you can take advantage of more lighting control and other z-wave devices with Arnu's Kodi Box. 


Adell Wilfong:

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Jan 18, 2023


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Dec 13, 2022


+1 for Arnu.

May 02, 2017

Frank Ribbe:

too cool!

Apr 27, 2017

Tim Thomas:

Awesome, Ive been waiting for something like this. I truly love my Arnu Box!

Apr 27, 2017

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