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Jumpstart Your Perfectly Dimmed LED Night Light With HomeSeer HS-WD100 in a home is what creates a great ambiance and really sets the mood for the day. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, or watching a late night movie and want to adjust your lighting accordingly, this should be an option that every homeowner has when it comes to their home. Home automation integrated with the Z-Wave hub now allows people to set up their lighting through their mobile devices and tablets for an easy and convenient alternative to regular standard lighting. If you haven’t heard about the LED Night Light by HomeSeer you are in for a treat! Here some great perks that can enhance your home when considering to take your lighting to a whole other level!


Homeseer lighting products offer the latest series Z-Wave modules with amazing features such as network-wide inclusion, a greater range, and improved bandwidth. If you have not already, we strongly encourage people to purchase the Z-Wave hub because it’s high-end technology that allows Homeseer dimmers to function through the “central scene” command class, which acts as a “scene-controller.” You may be asking what exactly is a “scene controller”? This is what enables users to launch automation with the double tap, triple tap, and press and hold for different functions.

Features of the HS-WD100+ Wireless Z-Wave Plus Wall Dimmer

  • Customizable dim rate with 7-LED dim indicator
  • Z-Wave Plus compatible
  • “Scene-controller” 2-tap, 3-tap to enable up to 4 HomeSeer events
  • Wireless and controlled through dimmable lighting
  • Z-wave app integration provides instant feedback
  • Compatible with most incandescent, LED and CFL bulbs  

More About The “Scene Controller”

One of the great things about the HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Night Light LED Event option is that you can create the different dimmable options on your tablet or phone depending on the level of dimmable lighting you may want. For example, if you would like to enable the night light, then you want the create an event on the app for it to be at 1% dimming and this will also reflect on the bottom LED of the display. If the lighting is adjusted to 1% then only the bottom LED light on the display will light up. This is how you set your night light for the little ones before you tuck them into bed or if you simply want a little bit of light in the kitchen, just enough to not trip over something in the dark. Make sure to visit the site if interested in setting this up for your home.

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