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Email Question of the Week - Is there a Z-Wave Switch where I don't need to use a Neutral wire?

Q: Is there a Z-Wave Light Switch where I do not need to use a neutral wire?

 A: YES! we do have a Z-Wave Light switch that doesn't require a neutral wire. There are some trade off though.

1. It is a little more expensive because its rated for up to 1000 watts where a normal switch is rated up to 600 watts. 

2. It doesn't work as well with LED lights. We have tested with Cree LED bulbs but other brands it probably won't work very well. Some bulbs can tolerate the return current that these switches don't hide where neutral wired switches do a much better job at this. 


If you can live with some of the trade offs check it out here! 

GE Z-Wave Dimmer switch without neutral wire



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Dec 19, 2021

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