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Improved Irrigation Systems

Wasting water is something many of us try to prevent, especially with droughts plaguing our cities and preventing lawn keepers from maintaining healthy, green landscape. If converting your lawn to a water-sufficient terrain isn’t for you, but cultivating your own means of efficient irrigation on your thirsty lawn is something you can’t accomplish, no need to fret!

Self-sufficiency and ingenuity is no longer necessary when it comes to piecing together a smarter irrigation system for your home, and green grass will not be compromised. With the need to implement water reduction and resource conservation as regulated in regions throughout, the demand for greater control of home irrigation has led to new irrigation operating systems.   

Supporting up to 15 zones, the controller has the ability to adjust watering schedules based on external information, including projected weather forecasts, precipitation, and the content of soil moisture. In addition to Nortek’s GoControl is the Nova Teqni IrrigationPRO zi8, an internet-connected irrigation controller that has the ability to target and trigger individual sprinkler zones from a smartphone or tablet.   

By incorporating like gadgets, the process of watering your landscape is automated and the unnecessary use of water is eliminated, ultimately saving you time and money.



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