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Here's a couple questions we get.

What's the difference between the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Range Extender and a normal AC Powered Z-Wave device when it comes to extending the range of your Z-Wave network? 

Answer: There is actually no difference between the two. Lets look at a GE/Jasco Light Switch which is a binary switch (on/off). When you add the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Range Extender to your hub it will show up as a Binary Switch with on/off functionalities. This is because binary switches are compatible with all Z-Wave hubs. 

Does the Aeon Labs repeater need to be turn "On" for it to work properly?

Answer: No actually the on/off functionality on the Aeon Labs Repeater doesn't do anything. This is just it carries the Binary Switch command class which allows for compatibility across all z-wave hubs. 


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