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We take a first look at the VeraPlus Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Home Automation Controller. Comparing the VeraPlus to the VeraEdge we are seeing a big upgrade in CPU and Ram power. The VeraPlus is packing a 800MHZ processor and 256 of RAM. Zigbee and Bluetooth integration is also a big leap now supporting pretty much every connected home device known to man. Looking at the history of the Vera Platform we have seen the jumps in increased CPU and RAM and every time they do it right. The speed of the GUI interface will be snappier and will allow for more plugins and devices. We are excited to see what this thing can do!

Next video in this video series we are going to upgrade our current VeraEdge; with all of the Z-Wave Devices/ Programming and transfer it to the VeraPlus.

The Vera Plus is due to release 14FEB16 with a MSRP of $149.95. You can pre order it at for $139.95 up until launch date. Get it Now!

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