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Wink Home Automation Controller Now Supports Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is one of the coolest things we've seen integrated into the connected home. Surprisingly no one does voice control better then Amazon. Pretty funny when you think about it! Alexa just flat out works. More and more Z-Wave controllable hubs are taking advantage of Amazon Echo voice commands. Using Alexa to turn on and off a light or adjust the temperature is so naturally integrated in your lifestyle. SmartThings was one of the first to natively support Echo and now Wink has made the list.

Other controllers that natively support Alexa is HomeSeer and Nexia. SecureNet and are a few alarm companies rolling out support for Amazon Echo. A couple hubs that don't currently have native support but where their customers are always pushing the limits is Fibaro and Vera. Native integration with Echo is on both of these companies road maps. We have been told we should see this soon from both Vera and Fibaro!

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