Vivint and ZWave Outlet partner up and offer $100 worth of Z-Wave Gear,  $1500 worth of Alarm equipment and free install!

Why Vivint

Vivint is the premier all-in-one Alarm solution geared towards smart home enthusiasts. Vivint takes out all of the thinking of the alarm/smart home installation, giving you the complete package to show off to your friends and family. No tinkering required! 

DIY home automation installs isn't for everyone but Vivint isn't for everyone either. So who does Vivint fit? Vivint fits someone that wants 24/7 tech support, Pro installation, bundled with latest technology that is known to work well with each other. 

Vivint Works with many connected home devices. To name a few: Dragon Tech Z-Wave Light Switches, Kwikset Z-Wave Door Locks, Nest Thermostats, Amazon Echo and so much more!

When you are ready to talk more about what the Vivint Alarm system can do for you or to sign up call 619-632-5254.