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There's a lot of reasons you would want to factory reset your VeraPlus. Just think if you  forgot a password, changed the network settings, bought a used one or it's simply not working properly. Factory reseting is always a great place to start when trouble shooting your Vera. VeraPlus is extremely easy to factory reset.  

VeraPlus Plugged In

With the VeraPlus fully booted and plugged, locate the recessed reset button next to the Select and Sync buttons. Then take and paper clip and press the reset button 6 times within 6 seconds. This will trigger the factory reset process.


VeraPlus Factory Reset

After you'll see the status lights flash and blink over the next 4-8 minutes. Let the Vera do it's thing. Once the process is complete, you'll be able to add the VeraPlus to your Vera online account. 

VeraPlus Ready to add

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